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Email is the place where all business starts

Your inbox is a starting point for TeamChat communication and online meetings while also enabling you to create, share and edit documents as a team. ChatGPT integration lends a hand with smart features such as suggest a reply, make a quick overview or translate. Your notes and tasks, calendars and chats are there too. IceWarp secure cloud solution is accessible from anywhere and works in real-time, so it’s suitable for remote work.

TeamChat, beyond email communication

Chat in teams organized around projects, upload files, mention coworkers, comment on posted emails, pin important posts or use the embedded ChatGPT functionality. Integration with email enables sharing messages from inbox to a TeamChat room for colleagues‘ attention.

Faster and more straightforward than email.
Chat and invite guests to brainstorm and collaborate as if they were sitting at the same desk. IceWarp mobile helps you stay tuned anywhere.

Conferences. Meet up and record your calls

IceWarp secure Conferences are just a click away in the browser. Don’t install anything and get right to your next meeting. Conferences support up to 1000 participants and feature screen sharing, real-time chat, moderator role and a lobby mode.

Cloud Storage

IceWarp offers 1TB of private cloud space to securely store all your content and make it available wherever you are. Cloud storage integrates with other collaboration tools, allowing you to create and collaborate in real time.

Documents. All your productivity needs covered.

Documents, Spreadsheets, and Presentations. Comprehensive office suite for your team to get their job done remotely or while sitting at the same desk. Collaborative editing, history overview, change tracking and in-document TeamChat stream included.

Create & collaborate on Office documents.
Create and edit documents in Office formats and collaborate with your team in real-time. Open email attachments, edit and instantly send it back to the sender. Desktop Office suite is also available.

Het Dashboard

Alles waar u momenteel aan werkt, overal ter wereld beschikbaar op uw cloudgebaseerde desktop. Met niets meer dan een browser krijgt u rechtstreeks toegang tot uw dashboard om uw lopende zaken voort te zetten.

AI buddy at your fingertips

Turn your existing ChatGPT subscription into a powerful AI buddy for your office agenda. Let it do the heavy-lifting with getting your message across, translation, document authoring and more.

ChatGPT Integration
Unlock AI capabilites in IceWarp with your ChatGPT account. All you need to do is integrate your ChatGPT from OpenAI with IceWarp
Automatic response suggestions Translations between most world languages Grammatical text corrections Quick summary generation AI features available in Emails, Documents and TeamChat

See how IceWarp fits in your daily agenda

Email, TeamChat, Conferences, Documents with collaborative editing and much more. All in a full-blown secure cloud as the best browser-based solution for your business.

Start your day with email and share to team

Take it from the inbox and proceed to TeamChat for in-context communication and online meetings. You can even tap the AI buddy to translate the email or suggest a reply. And while in TeamChat, create, share and edit documents as a team.

The Share to TeamChat button in the upper-right corner of the mail pane opens a dialog to share the message in a TeamChat room.

An email is a topic in TeamChat

Your shared email shows up in the chosen TeamChat room. And your team can use it to start threaded conversation or work with attachments. Any team member can even tap AI to have it translated, draft a reply or make an overview.

Meet up and record your calls

IceWarp secure Conferences are just a click away in the browser. Don’t install anything and get right to your next meeting. Conferences support up to 1000 participants and feature screen sharing, real-time chat, moderator role and a lobby mode.

Epos recordings Epos recordings Epos recordings
Epos emails

Deel om opnieuw af te spelen.

Deel uw vergaderopnamen eenvoudig met degenen die niet aanwezig konden zijn. Uw opnamen zijn beschikbaar in de oproepgeschiedenis op de startpagina van Conferenties, klaar om op elk moment opnieuw af te spelen of met iedereen te delen.

Opgeslagen voor
Epos emails

Stuur per e-mail of op een andere manier

Om uw opnamen gemakkelijk per e-mail te kunnen delen, worden relevante adressen automatisch voorgesteld terwijl u typt. Of u kunt een link pakken om in elke app te delen en uw opname in een TeamChat-ruimte plaatsen.

Epos recordings Epos recordings

Work as a team

With TeamChat, working on multiple projects across ad-hoc teams is a seamless experience. Share files, emails and documents, use AI to rephrase or fix grammar in a document or even collaborate on its edits in real time.

…and start collaborating

Edit your word documents, spreadsheets and presentations collaboratively with your colleagues. All the changes are saved in the cloud for everyone to see.

Meetings, notes and all the related content

Grab a lunch to go? How about grabbing IceWarp mobile app to go! It’s got all of the above and over time we’ll add your business mail too.

Epos meeting Epos meeting
Epos emails

This is IceWarp mobile

TeamChat and Conferences functionality on the mobile, with Mail support coming later. Follow up on your discussions in TeamChat rooms with streamlined threads, file sharing and notifications for followed topics. Attend, host or schedule meetings in Conferences on the go, including recording and screen sharing.

Epos tools TeamChat
Epos tools Conferences
Epos tools Files
Epos tools Emails (soon)
Epos recordings Epos recordings
Epos recordings
Epos team

Gesynchroniseerde Kalender herinneringen

Of u nu aan het lunchen bent of aan een vergadering deelneemt, Exchange ActiveSync-ondersteuning zorgt ervoor dat u op tijd een notificatie voor een aanstaande vergadering ontvangt. Ook als je uitnodiging op het laatste moment is gewijzigd.

Epos recordings
Epos team

IceWarp Notities

De Notities zijn nu rechtstreeks gekoppeld aan uw Dashboard, zodat u uw lopende taken nooit uit het oog verliest. U kunt ze aan het Dashboard vastmaken en naar wens aanpassen en formatteren.

Epos recordings Epos recordings
Epos recordings
Epos team

Pinned Notes on the Dashboard

Epos team
Epos emails
Epos emails

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